$795.00 USD

The Starch Solution Certification Course

Learn the basic principles behind the McDougall Program - a clinically proven means of weight management that can reverse or prevent many common illnesses, all by simply altering your lifestyle to a whole food, starch-based diet.

Dr. John and Mary McDougall, co-founders of the McDougall Program, have dedicated over 50 years of their lives caring for people with diet and lifestyle medicine.


  • Learn the major sources of food poisoning and why so many people are sick
  • Know exactly what to eat, what to limit and what to avoid for optimal health and well-being
  • How to cure common illnesses
  • Be empowered with the knowledge to discuss with others why a whole food, starch-based diet is the key to wellness
  • Know more about human health and nutrition than most medical students and physicians

After the successful completion of this course, including a final exam, you'll receive your certification in The Starch Solution.


Quarterly Live Zoom Calls

Join Dr. John, Mary and Heather McDougall for a casual and fun call together. This is your opportunity to connect directly to the source! Come prepared with your questions.

Lesson Plans for Healthcare and Non-Healthcare Professionals

Dr. McDougall has provided practical advice and organized lesson plans to help practicing physicians and certified graduates of The Starch Solution Certification Course. These lesson plans allow successful graduates to host their own classes, earn their own revenue and show select video lessons of Dr. McDougall's to students. There is no additional charge or licensing fee.

McDougall's Medicine

We are opening up access to Dr. McDougall's personal curated list of helpful newsletters, videos and PDF books organized by major health ailment. This is the most important information you should know about each of these chronic illnesses. You may share these resources with your doctor, family and friends.

Six Free E-books

Included in McDougall's Medicine are six national best-sellers including:

  1. A Challenging Second Opinion
  2. The McDougall Health Supporting Cookbook Volume I
  3. The McDougall Health Supporting Cookbook Volume II
  4. The McDougall Plan
  5. The McDougall Program for a Healthy Heart
  6. The McDougall Program for Women

The Starch Solution

Your own digital copy of The Starch Solution emailed to you. Please note, this is only if you live within with United States.

Private Community

You will also gain access to a private community for graduates. This is a place to connect with others, make new friends, gain knowledge and inspiration, learn how to use your certification to help others and much more.

Student Discount Available for Healthcare Fields

A 50% discount is available for currently enrolled students working towards obtaining a degree in a field of professional healthcare training (medical, dietetic, chiropractor, nursing, etc.) from an accredited institution approved by the U.S. Department of Education. Apply for a student discount by writing to [email protected]. Include proof of student status, such as an unofficial copy of your current transcript and/or an official letter from your school stating you are a current student in good standing. Student discount cannot be used in conjunction with additional offers or promotions.