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McDougall Program for Aging Gracefully

The McDougall Program for Aging Gracefully is a mini-course designed to help you make informed decisions to live longer and better.

The results of the McDougall Program and diet prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that you can make a difference as far as diseases that take you in the prime of life these days.

John McDougall, MD has been in the practice of medicine for more than half a century and uses food as the primary approach to people’s diseases - not just prevention but treatment. 


  • Reverse common diseases like arthritis, heart disease and atherosclerosis, type-2 diabetes, kidney disease, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, depression and more
  • Preserve and improve cognitive health by learning the benefits of a good diet for your brain. Other benefits include lower insulin resistance, cholesterol, body weight and blood pressure
  • How to avoid pathognomonic senile plaques (present in the brains of Alzheimer's patients) and Dr. McDougall's safe and non-toxic treatments for Alzheimer's disease patients

You'll have lifetime access to:

  • Dr. McDougall's lecture teaching the fundamentals of the McDougall Program with specific instructions of what to eat, what to limit and what to avoid for aging gracefully
  • Dr. McDougall's two-part lectures for Live Longer & Better including the right protein to carbohydrate ratio for longevity, good heart function and brain health, as well as a deep dive into the cause of dementia and effective treatments for Alzheimer's disease
  • Heather McDougall's lecture on meal planning including her favorite kitchen tools, how to use healthy packaged foods to make meal prep quick and easy, and practical best practices
  • Recipe favorites of the McDougall team and community
  • Scientific references